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Clerkenwell Design Week will be back in 2021 Please come along and see what "The Vault" has to offer

Clerkenwell Design Week 2019
21 May 2019

This year ACS welcomes 4 new companies to the Vault family, please come and see what these new members bring to the vault


The Vault
1 May 2019

ACS are pleased to say that we have 4 new companies joining the Vault consortium in time for CDW 19, 




Hood Seating


Clerkenwell Design Week 2018
28 May 2018

ACS had a great CDW 18, for the second year running over 1000 people though our doors looking at some old favorites and some new friends who joined the vault family this year.

The Floor Hub
31 March 2018

ACS are pleased to announce that The Floor Hub has decided to join The Vault consortium with a wide range of flooring products to cover all tastes.

Sad Fairwell
1 March 2019

ACS would like to say fairwell to two of the Vault family who have decided the time was right to leave the consortium, good luck for the future 

Decca London and ABL UK



Clerkenwell Design Week 2017
29 May 2017

What a 3 days over 1100 people came through the showroom looking at everything the Vault has to offer, cant wait for next year.

Clerkenwell Design Week 2017
22 May 2017

We are almost ready for this years CDW, we had a great turn out last year over 600 people through the doors, we are hoping to better that this year

Clerkenwell Design Week 2016
23 May 2016

ACS are ready to open the vault doors once again, come and see what we have to offer this year

New Business Director
1 February 2016

ACS is pleased to announce that David McLaren has joined us as our New Business Director, he brings with him over 20years experiance in this industry.

"Welcome to the team Dave"

Clerkenwell Design Week 2015
17 May 2015

ACS are preparing to open the doors of "The Vault" for its first CDW, please come and have a look at we we have to show