From: Esplen, William (UK - London) 
Sent: 05 November 2018 16:13


Hi all, last weekend you and your teams completed our final major move in the London campus restack programme.    Such a small statement but what an enormous achievement.  If you can remember this all started way back in March with “pre-moves” then we went to “occupying 1NSS moves” followed by “swing moves” and finally “the campus restack moves”.


This meant that we emptied Athene Place, filled 1NSS, emptied Stonecutter, filled Stonecutter, emptied Stonecutter (!) as well as reshuffling people in and out of 2NSS, 3NSS and Hill House.  


In all we supported the moving of 11,000 people (once) 2,000 (twice) and a few very few unlucky people three times.  1000 plus lockers swopped in and out, 1,800 cabinets and 500 pedestals removed and crushed (most of them empty!), a 100 year old file found, 700 pieces of new furniture installed in the optimisation programme and 337 MPR’s/meeting rooms refurbished.   All this was achieved through months of planning, a lot of give, some more give and a little bit of take and everyone going the extra mile, and great, great feedback along the way.  The result was giving each individual the perfect first day experience.  And you did it!  


I’ve said it many, many times so in relation to this programme at least, this is the last time, well for now…. London is not quite complete with just a few elements like the gym, the bridges and the graduate recruitment suite to conclude, however very nearly job done. 

It’s an amazing achievement so on behalf of the steering group, and the programme leadership combined, thank you and well done. Please pass these thanks on to your teams and anyone I have inadvertently missed.





Will Esplen

Managing Director | Global Real Estate | Workplace Services & Real Estate

I would like to thank ACS for all your hard work.I very much appreciate the extremely long hours you all did to make the 1st phase ofNexus a success, I am very proud of how you all pulled together and cannot thank you enough (I can confirm that all feedback was very positive).

Please pass on my “Thanks and Appreciation” on to your teams who were involved in the works.

Projects & Space Management

I would like to say thanks to you and your team for the tremendous effort that was put in, in order for us to achieve the DRE move which took place on Athene Pace.From an ACS perspective the tasks that were assigned were completed very well without reluctance and when issues did arise these were dealt with in a timely and attentive manner.

So thanks again it was a pleasure working withyou and I look forward to the next one.

Spatial Planner
P&CS (Serco) Workplace Solutions

I would just like to point out what an excellent job Alan and the boys from Atkinson’s did last weekend working through the night to have everything ready for us on Saturday morning.

We have grown to expect high standards from ACS but they excelled themselves this week.We were a little concerned that it would be a very long day with 3 of us covering the 46 people moving plus the ancilliary’s like the printers and network connections but ACS did such a good job that although the day was quite long it was relatively straight forward.

Thanks to everyone involved, well done.